Still from TRENCH. Courtesy of the artist.

Galerie Graf:DADA
A multi-media residency + performance by Lon Parker
Part of EMMEDIA’s ECHO AWARD Presentation

Open Studio: April 5 – April 15, 2016 @ 12-5PM (Closed April 10 + 11)
Location: EMMEDIA – 351 11 Ave SW

Cabaret Performance: April 16, 2016 @ 8:06PM-9:06PM
$20 admission | Purchase online at
(Admission comes with a signed copy of TRENCH: Diary of a German Soldier)
As recipient of the ECHO AWARD for his exemplary “ememembership” to EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society, Lon Parker has been provided an opportunity to present, in its entirety, his multi-media triptych SURROUNDED BY LIONS focusing on the life of fictional artist Alexander Graf. After his unsuccessful submissions to the 9th Street Show, Alexander Graf felt compelled to produce Galerie Graf:DADA, a Dada performance event in the spirit of the Cabaret Voltaire where H. Graf worked as a young bartender. The cabaret show ostensibly occurs on the same evening as the 9th Street Show’s opening night, May 21, 1951.

Cover from TRENCH: Diary of a German Soldier. Courtesy of the artist.

Initially conceived solely through the experimental short film TRENCH (produced through EMMEDIA’s Production Access Program, and screened at the PARTICLE + WAVE Media Arts Festival in 2012), the project has evolved to include the short story TRENCH: Diary of a German Soldier and a gallery exhibition of several paintings by H. Graf. The paintings were his unsuccessful submission to the infamous 9th Street Show in New York City which opened in May of 1951. It was an historic, ground-breaking exhibition, (in)famous for the stepping-out of Abstract Expressionists.

The public is invited to visit Alexander Graf in his open studio to ask questions and view the paintings, while he gets ready for his cabaret performance.

Painting of Hugo Ball, Father of DADA. Courtesy of the artist.

On the evening of April 16, the presentation of SURROUNDED BY LIONS will begin with a short experimental film that segues into a simultaneous poetry reading in collaboration with Rita Bozi and Ken Cameron, featuring Geneviéve Paré and Kirk Miles, and finishing with the main event Graf:DADA. Performed by Graf, Graf:DADA is an absurdist, Dada inspired multi-media statement of his life, as it meanders through the historical reality of Zurich and Dada, post WWI Europe, Abstract Expressionism, the artistic world of New York City in 1920-1951, and his troubled relationship and encounters with the seminal artists of two of the 20th century’s most important artistic genres.

About Lon Parker:

For well over 30 years, Calgary-born Lon Parker has worked in the arts and culture industry as an actor, designer and director for stage, TV and video, as well as a writer and visual artist, and video production specialist. From 2001 – 2013, Lon served as President on the Board of Directors for EMMEDIA Gallery and Production Society.

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