Designed by Whitney Ota

PULSE: An Interactive Electronics Playground
Friday, September 25, 2015 @ 8:30-10:30PM

ARTISTS FEATURED: Guy Gardner, Evangelos Lambrinoudis II, Maeve Orlady, Kim Seung Pen, Todd Rederburg, Paul Robert, Jordan Schinkel, Lowell Smith, and Sarah Storteboom


We’ll be activating Central Memorial Park once again with projections and media art installations! With the rise of popularity in accessible micro computer systems like Raspberry Pis or micro controllers like Arduinos, artists now have an inexpensive and flexible tool to create mini programmable systems that react with sensors and controllers. This free outdoor event will showcase nine local artists that have created a project involving interactive electronics during our Compression Camp, mentored by artists Carl Spencer and Neal Moignard. Come out to play at PULSE during Alberta Culture Days!

On Saturday afternoon, register for a free Lo-Fi Video workshop that Carl and Neal will be teaching on working with Arduinos! For more information, click here.

This event is part of the celebrations occurring throughout the province during Alberta Culture Days 2015. Alberta Culture Days, September 25 – 27, is about discovering, experiencing and celebrating our unique blend of peoples and passions, and the importance of culture to a healthy and vibrant province. To learn more, visit: www.AlbertaCultureDays.ca


Windows Collective Talk at ACAD: Thursday Sept 24, 2pm @ Stanford Perrot Lecture Theatre
Installations at PULSE: September 25, 8:30pm @ Central Memorial Park (1221 2 St SW)
Workshop: Creating Organic Film Developers: Saturday Sept 26, 10-5- register via CSIF: http://www.csif.org/production/workshops/developer/

Since 2008, The Windows Collective (Ottawa) has explored the subversive possibilities of creating outdoor public film installations and of bringing alternative film practices to a wider audience. Projecting on to parks, bridges, and heritage sites, Windows works with traditional celluloid-based film and super-8 or 16mm projectors to create new ways of viewing the moving image. The Windows Collective will showcase 16mm installations and 35mm slideshows from the following artists:

Pixie Cram is a filmmaker and media artist based in Chelsea, Quebec. Her work includes animation, fiction, documentary and installation. Her films have been shown at several festivals in North America including Media City (2010) Antimatter (2010) and the Chicago 8-Fest (2011). On top of her own art practice she works as a freelance director, editor and videographer

Roger D. Wilson is a film artist based out of Ottawa, Ontario. He received his Film Production Degree in 1993 from Confederation College. He has held a variety of positions in the film industry, working and living in Calgary, Winnipeg and Ottawa. His process is experimental and he works with techniques such as pixilation, time-lapse, emulsion manipulation and hand-processing. His films have screened at festivals around the world.

Paul Gordon is an Independent Filmmaker and Film Conservator for Library and Archives Canada. He has worked on such diverse projects as a TV talk show set in the Yellowknife Dump (Dump Talk), a feature length documentary set in the Middle East during the Iraq War (Baghdad or Bust) and numerous short works produced with the help of SAW Video and IFCO here in Ottawa. He also likes tinkering with 35mm projectors and setting up odd exhibition venues for them.

Bridget Farr is a graduate of both Film Studies and the Photographic Arts. Her numerous award-winning films have screened at over 100 international film festivals and events on all five major continents. Her photography has been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world and on numerous touring exhibits including Oprah’s “Live Your Best Life” Tour. Whether she’s working as Artistic Director of the Burundi Film Center, teaching 16mm filmmaking classes for women in Ottawa or cuddling up with her filmmaker husband to watch and discuss film, Bridget’s passion for cinema touches almost every aspect of her life.

Dave Johnson is an Ottawa based artist who has worked in various roles of production and post-production in the motion picture and broadcast industry. He developed and taught a film class, Introduction to Alternative Cinema, at Flinders University of South Australia, and established a non-profit Canadian underground film exhibition group, CAUS(e). In 2008 he earned his MFA from Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. His thesis involved a body of work exploring the documentary form for which he received the Henry P. and Thomas R. Schriner- National Film Board of Canada Research/ Production Grant in Documentary. Currently Dave is a lecturer of Time Based Art at the University of Ottawa, a producer at SDC video, and a freelance sound designer.

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