Date: Sunday, February 8, 2015
Time: 1PM – 4PM
Location: ArtBOX on 17E – 1807 42nd St SE
Tickets: $10 EMMEDIA Members/Students
$15 General Admission

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Join us as we close the festival with a brunch event like no other! Featuring performances by Chris Dadge, Cody Oliver with visuals by Joe Kelly, Whitney Ota, and Jonathon Wilcke.


Since discovering the hidden potential of “acoustic instrument tuner pickups” (aka contact mics) more than half a decade ago, Calgary-based percussionist Chirs Dadge has been steadily building and refining a highly personalized vocabulary involving amplified drums, found objects, and cymbals. Using these core elements, Dadge creates highly detailed clouds of texture and motion, playing his aurally-magnified instruments through amplifiers and simple effects pedals. Over the course of a number of solo albums on a variety of US and UK underground cassette imprints, Dadge has carved out the single most unique aspect of his work as a percussionist, as well as offering a distinct voice in the world of contemporary percussion music at large. 

About Chris Dadge:

Chris Dadge is a Calgary-based musician, concert organizer, and producer. Since 2005 he’s operated Bug Incision, a near-monthly concert series and record label devoted to various strains of avant-garde musical forms. Dadge has performed with Mats Gustafsson, Eugene Chadbourne, Jack Wright, John Oswald and others. He also co-leads the pop group Lab Coast, and plays drums in Samantha Savage Smith’s band. 


Continuing in his ongoing sample based approach to the guitar, Cody Oliver replaces the typical two turntable design as the basis of the traditional DJ set. Accompanying visuals by Joe Kelly.

About Cody Oliver:

Cody Oliver is a Calgary based guitarist and improviser whose work skirts the genre based trappings of traditional techniques and endeavors to continuously reject the sonic context of the instrument as well as the instruments history itself.  Oliver has been active since the mid 1990s and has presented solo improvised and composed works, and has collaborated with other improvisers in one-off and ongoing settings; including Dan Meichel, Eugene Chadbourne, Peter Moller, Ian Birse and Chris Dadge.

Photo credit: Cody Oliver

About Joe Kelly:

Joe Kelly is a Newfoundland born media artist working in Calgary. He studied film and video at the Quickdraw Animation Society and the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers. Joe was Artist in Residence at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, and attended two thematic residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts. Joe has made a number of films that have been screened and awarded internationally. He works primarily with film and video, and has completed and screened many films on super 8, 16 and 35mm formats. He has also created film and video-based installations that have been shown in art galleries around Canada. Joe has shown work all across North America from St. John’s to Victoria and all over the United States, Europe and Asia.


Sun Stages is an exploration in the possibilities of computer sequencing synthesizer events. These auditory events parallel life journeys through day and night. Boundless kinetic energy and frantic motion relate to the impossible, unsustainable pace of life, while dream sequences question reality, provide moments of clarity and occasions of tranquility. Ultimately, the experience is equal parts engaging and meditative. 

About Yankee Yankee:

Yankee Yankee has been an exploration of the art of sound by Whitney Ota since 2005. Over time, the project has moved from a free-improvisation project to become primarily compositional-based, featuring improvisational impulses. Equally inspired by visual art, sound art and the environment around him, Ota uses a mix of conventional and unconventional instruments to create hypnotic and psychedelic electro-acoustic invitations for spiritual aura within the audience. 

About Whitney Ota:

Ota has been interested in the possibilities that sound offers to delight, stimulate, tranquilize and disturb the mind. Ota works on various musical projects aside from Yankee Yankee, such as Burro, Dada Centauri and Dundas. Ota also co-operates the experimental label “Unit Structure Sound Recordings” and works as the Music Director for CJSW 90.9 FM radio in Calgary.


Jonathon Wilcke will perform a solo set that includes original compositions, compositions by saxophonist Steve Lacy, and free improvisation, on tenor saxophone. His approach to solo saxophone combines elements of jazz and extended technique to create a fluid, narrative language that does not distinguish between melody and disjuncture.  

About Jonathon Wilcke:

Jonathon Wilcke is a saxophonist and composer whose musical involvement ranges through free improvisation, free jazz, jazz, noise, text-sound, poetry accompaniment, and rock.  He is also a writer and poetry scholar interested in the intersection between improvisation and writing in contemporary poetry.  He lives in Calgary.

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