PASSAGES: A Panel Discussion
Saturday, November 1, 2014 @ 2 – 4PM
EMMEDIA Screening Room – 351 11 Ave SW

Moderated by: Mireille Perron
Artists: Andrea Mann, Shelley Ouellet, and Sandra Vida

The work of women artists today has been impacted by the evolving history of feminist thought as well as its contemporary social context. How do women artists now construct their identity, social role, sexuality, and place in the world through their work? How does their work reflect their response to life’s passages, changes and challenges?

In a free-ranging discussion moderated by Mireille Perron, fellow artists Andrea Mann and Shelley Ouellet will offer excerpts from their work, ideas and reflections, along with featured artist Sandra Vida, whose most recent video work, Journey, will be on exhibition. For more information on Journey, go to:

About Mireille Perron:

Mireille Perron is a visual artist, scholar, writer and educator. She is the founder of the Laboratory of Feminist Pataphysics. LFP promotes social experiments that masquerade as artworks/events. She has also written and published on a variety of subjects related to representation. She now lives and works in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where she teaches at the Alberta College of Art + Design.

About Andrea Mann:

Andrea Mann is a visual artist working in film, video and animation. She also continues to draw from her experience in more traditional art forms and follows her conceptual pursuits to create projects in diverse media that are often realized through collaborative processes. With an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a particular interest in psychology and cultural anthropology, the themes she is driven to explore often also wander into other topics of observation, contemplation and reverie. She sees her art practice not just as a creative and intellectual pursuit, but also as an ongoing rebellion against alienation and apathy, two powerful conditions of our time. She is currently completing an Education after degree program, and looks forward to fostering a love of the arts in her future students.

About Shelley Ouellet:

Shelley Ouellet is an artist working across a variety of media and focusing on community-based projects. After studying at the University of Calgary, she then received an invaluable education when she became Director of the city’s Stride Gallery. She has subsequently worked as an art consultant, a web designer and is currently an instructor at the Alberta College of Art and Design. She ran the Carpet ‘N Toast Gallery in her home presenting brief exhibitions of work by local and regional artists. Her work has been exhibited across Canada and the United Kingdom the Globe Gallery in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and recently at Stride Gallery, Illingworth Kerr Gallery and MoCA in Calgary.

About Sandra Vida:

Sandra Vida’s work over the past three decades has included photo-based collage, performance, film, video and installation. In addition to her art practice, she is known for her dedication to other artists through Calgary’s artist-run centres and as an advocate for the arts and arts groups. She has appeared as a speaker and panelist at conferences and her writing has been published in local and national magazines and artist catalogues. She has been nominated twice for a Governor-General’s visual and media arts award, received the EPCOR Established Arts award at the Mayor’s Luncheon for Business and the Arts, and was one of three finalists for Alberta’s first Marion Nicoll Visual Art award.

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