EMMEDIA presents

A Survey of Video Art from Vtape’s Collection

Thursday July 31, August 7 + August 14, 2014 @ 9 – 10PM
EMMEDIA Parking Lot – 351 11 Ave SW

(In case of rain, we will move the screening inside to EMMEDIA’s screening room.)

EMMEDIA is proud to present a summer series of outdoor screenings in our downtown parking lot, featuring works from prolific video artists in Canada and beyond. Curators Lindsay Sorell, Lowell Smith, and Teresa Tam selected three screening programs using Vtape’s vast catalogue of videos. Vtape is Canada’s leading artist-run, not-for-profit distributor of video art that includes a diverse collection of work from the early 1970s to the present. Join us on Thursday nights as we survey contemporary and historical media artworks that experiment with the medium of video, while breaking barriers and leading the way for avant-garde video artists to come. Light refreshments will be provided as we enjoy the summer night!

Curated by Lindsay Sorell
July 31 @ 9 – 10PM

I am attracted to the slow long shot; a shot closer to the way we look around us in routine life, a shot at commercial entertainment and a search for something dirtier, more realistic. Sometimes I sit in my kitchen and literally just stare at the table, as if it will ground me, show me I am still here. I have even taken to lying on my bed for a while with my eyes open when I get home from work. Sometimes it takes long slow minutes for a feeling to settle into that deep part of your stomach. Sometimes it takes time for a joke to be revealed or for it to recede into seriousness.

About the curator:

Lindsay Sorell graduated from the Alberta College of Art + Design’s Drawing program in 2012. She recently curated and edited EMMEDIA’s (Calgary) online publication FORTUNE COOKIES: Articles on the future of art, participated as an artist-in-residence with The New Gallery (Calgary) in collaboration with the Calgary Society of Animated Objects, held a series of guest lectures in her bedroom under the name BEDTalks, facilitated a children’s Fluxus workshop at The Banff Centre, and currently lectures on the history of cheese at Janice Beaton Fine Cheese (Calgary).


Sackville, I’m Yours….
Colin Campbell
1972, 14:40 minutes

An amusing portrait of an Art Star, toughing it out in rural New Brunswick.

The Optionist
Sylvie Boisseau and Frank Westermeyer
2004, 04:30 minutes

“I am a free person. I want to know, it’s like this now, but it could also be different. Everything’s possible for me. I could go everywhere, I can do anything, all woman suit me…“, says the daydreaming protagonist. He sits on a stone sculpture in a park and talks to himself, talks to an absent opposite: no contractions, everything is wonderful. The possibilities opening up, the imaginary as a phantasmatic cloud, hovers as a perfect state around this optionist, since a realization is not an option anyway. What is phantasmatic thus cannot be disturbed by the real.

Oliver Husain
2005, 08:20 minutes

Eclectic scenery/ here in Karawaci / green trees sway in the breeze / around Taman Paris / A place for families! / Spend some eventless days / in old Taman Ingles / or hear the Muezzin call / in Taman Espanol // Oh, how I long to be / back in Karawaci !
(Compositing panoramic views of a highly stylized residential area near Jakarta with iconic scenes of a globalized lifestyle.)

Keywords: Versailles windmills suburbia hysteria bad hair Indonesian mystery soap

Thinking About the State of America While Listening to Mariah Carey
Tad Hozumi
2009, 03:18 minutes

This single channel video is a recording of the artist listening to the hit Mariah Carey song, Fly Like a Bird. The work explores the relationship between artist, artwork, and audience, by showing how even the simplest act of consuming art can become a creative and revealing act of its own.

Kyath Battie
2011, 11:46 minutes

Storm begins and ends with atmospheric environments (ie: skies, rain, clouds, snow, lightning) of Playstation videogames. Part eco-disaster film, part personal barometer: Storm looks at the weather, in all its simulated beauty from pixelated chunks to seamless serenity.

1/4 Moon
David Askevold
1986, 08:40 minutes

1/4 Moon is an impromptu tape shot with a Sony 8 AF camera while it rained in a barn yard at Clam Harbor, N.S. A local musician, Allan Pavio played an improvised piece on a violin with a black dog, a white horse, a sheep and chickens present. Most edits are in-camera and some sound looping during post-production was used.

Curated by Lowell Smith
August 7 @ 9-10PM

Weirdo VS Wack-Jobs – Where can we draw the line?

Aren’t we all a bit bizarre, it can make us much more interesting but we still must be sane enough that we can have a conversation with them. A collection of videos jumping back and fourth between the border of Weirdo and Wack-Job, two neighbouring states within the nation of insane.

About the curator:
Lowell received his BFA from Alberta College of Art and Design in Media Arts + Digital Technologies and an Electronics Engineering diploma from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. His work builds and manipulates electronics and media in a variety of forms of hardware and software. Gathering ideas from social culture, science, math and spirituality. Creating a conceptual experience with the viewer in the conscious and subconscious.


Loop Holes
Nobuo Kubota
2008, 11:44 minutes

For Loop Holes, Kubota uses the Video Lab to recontextualize a single, 14 minute, improvisational sound poem. By sequentially staggering and then looping and rearranging each sequence in a random pattern, Kubota’s performance is transformed into an endless, aleatoric nonet which combines meta-language, vocables and physical gestures in a fascinating recuperation of space, time and memory. Loop Holes creates a sense of opto-acoustic textural chaos in the audio-visual field.

Wavy Plinth #2
Geoffrey Pugen
2011, 01:00 minutes

Through photography and video elements, Wavy Plinth #2 creates an impossible scenario of Lake Ontario inside a gallery plinth. Created for the installation “Long Divisions” which renders cinematic and sculptural clichés of science fiction through the digital lens.

The self, unfruitful
Jean Paul Kelly
2008, 03:57 minutes

The self, unfruitful is a short, allegorical animation that illustrates the pollination, reproduction, and adaptation of pear trees.

“Jean-Paul Kelly’s gorgeous The self, unfruitful, uses animation and the allegory of pear trees to make a powerful statement about diversity.” – Susan G. Cole

Join Us
Jesi The Elder
2008, 04:50 minutes

Join Us is Katie Stelmanis’ first music video. It is a stream of consciousness that dances to the militant rhythm of the song and the stunning power of Katie’s voice. Inspired by the colours and simplicity of a Sesame Street video, it was created with green screen, keying out stock footage of explosions, animating within video editing software, and pencil drawn animation that was digitally coloured in.

Green Bunker
Jorge Lozano
2014, 02:24 minutes

A visual essay on dromology and the possible end of green.

How To Write An Autobiography
Penny Lane
2010, 03:45 minutes

This video will teach you how to write your own autobiography, with examples from the narrator’s own life.

(from Enlightened Nonsense series)
Deirdre Logue
1997, 2:00 minutes

Enlightened Nonsense (1997-2000) is a series of 10 thematically related film works that were each shot, hand-processed and edited within a total of approximately one week. Each beginning with a specific action, the works express both the physical manifestation of different states of being and a desire to understand one’s complex relationship to our psychological limitations. Sexual deception, humiliation, injury, fear and failure are common themes, however, humour plays a critical role. Though dark, there is a funny, nonsensical quality which provides distance from the complexity of this work as well as some comic relief.

Dance to Miss Chief
Kent Monkman
2010, 04:49 minutes

Move over J.Lo and Cher! Miss Chief Eagle Testickle has a new sexy video of her club track: Dance to Miss Chief – a playful critique of German fascination with North American “Indians” that is guaranteed to make you want to get up and shake your booty! This remix of contemporary and vintage footage celebrates Miss Chief’s on-screen romance with leading man, Winnetou, fictitious “Indian” from Karl May’s German Westerns.

Curated by Teresa Tam
August 14 @ 9-10PM

The camera, when turned towards ourselves, does not merely reveal a narcissism, it reveals an anxiety toward one’s own hyper self-awareness permeated by feelings of cynicism while simultaneously offering a medium through which to cope. It is never only me looking at myself, it is also others looking at me. Together, we attempt to secure some semblance of structure over our lives. Everything will be fine because we are not alone in capturing, witnessing and sharing these feelings.

About the curator:

I am a recent graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design. I am currently interested in exploring how to be okay in life. Through the processes of creating a multiplicity of spaces, I just want people to feel their own feelings and recognize the richness of what they know.


Audition Tape
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay
2003, 08:00 minutes

Gay white male, 5′11″, 155 lbs, 29 years old, good singing voice and co-ordination, desperately seeks job as performer in a Russian girl pop group. History, sexuality and identity collide in a musical monologue inspired by outtakes from American Idol competitions.

The G-Rated Sex Tape
Zachary Sandler and Joshua Sandler
2010, 09:28 minutes

The Evan Trilogy is an attempt at a fusion of documentary and video art. It depicts Evan, a writer diagnosed with bipolar disorder, who has published one book to date that has never sold a single copy. The trilogy takes the form of an interactive illustration, at times resembling a therapy session, of the world of fantasy that keeps Evan afloat. In addition to conceiving of, filming, and editing the trilogy, the brothers act as facilitators, coaxing Evan out of his mostly private world, and prompting him to improvise within a preset skeleton of ideas. The comfort that is achieved with the subject is deliberate and is vital to the level of honesty reached.

As a stunt to bring attention to his writing, Evan imagined recording a G-rated sex tape. In the third video of the trilogy we facilitate this as an experiment where, with the help of “performer” Rachel, Evan’s fantasy meets reality. Instead of performing sexually explicit acts, their encounter is of a more tender and G-rated nature. This collision of fantasy and reality is challenging to Evan and momentarily wakes him from the dream.

age of consent
Evan Tyler
2013, 05:30 minutes

“Age of Consent” is a performance for video that draws on the use of the built in computer camera as a tool for queer portraiture and expression; a naked cat man interacts with meat, song and his computer. Tyler re-appropriates bologna slabs as queer objects worthy of play while the cat man dances to a song streaming from his computer; “Age of Consent” by legendary group New Order. Tyler re-envisions the song as an owe to the age when modern individuals discover and consent to a relationship of perverse individuality and cyber representation with a personal computer device. Throughout the duration of the performance text pops up rhythmically inserting messages of love and appreciation around meat, insecurities and social disorder. While the main purpose of this artwork is to pay homage to healthy cyber perversion, Tyler also hopes that it will ensure the audience that despite everything, somewhere out there is a nude man in a cat mask is dancing with meat in front of his computer.

Skinny Teeth
Jennifer Reeves
2001, 07:00 minutes

“Appropriated audio from motivational tapes and raw hewn video footage of the exploits of two punk girls creating a disturbance in an Ohio Mall (circa 1988) challenge the great society of the American heartland. A savvy examination of hard-edge adolescent aggression and an attack on ‘proper’ codes of behavior. The future is yours.” (Karyn Riegel, Occularis)

I shot my source material, as an Ohio high school punk (1988), in a mall and at home with a few of my queer and rowdy friends. I decided to rescue the deteriorating VHS footage using and emphasizing the signal break-up to effect my degraded memory and hope(-lessness) of youth. I added a layered soundtrack with bits of patriarchal pronouncements, music, and the girls themselves asserting their rebellion with jokes, role-playing and shenanigans at Sears. I kept the tone of the piece true to my perspective of the world at the time. It is sarcastic, biting, and avoids the cliche of looking back on troubled times from a more “knowing” adulthood. The time period depicted in SKINNY TEETH was by no means as fun as this particular day captured on video. On other occasions my friends and I were kicked out of the mall, fighting or bored silly! (Jennifer Reeves, 2001)

Perfect Day
Paul Wong
2007, 07:30 minutes

The artist records himself at home proudly indulging in the happiness of a drug (heroin and cocaine) inspired perfect day. The music of Lou Reed: Heroin and Perfect Day. Recorded on Sunday – edited on Monday. Be Happy.

Laurel Woodcock
2006, 02:17 minutes

A single shot framing a lawn chair beside a helium tank in a barren landscape. The chair is tethered with 100 helium filled balloons, and is eventually blown over by a gust of wind. A dialectical tension between the literal and the mundane is coupled with a Beckettian awareness of the absurd, as the hope of being uplifted fails not just once, but twice.

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