Youth Queer Media Program 2014: Screening

THURSDAY, MAY 29, 2014 @ 7PM
Plaza Theatre – 1133 Kensington Road NW

Celebration Gala to follow at:
The Naked Leaf Tea Shop – 4, 1126 Kensington Road NW

This is EMMEDIA’s fourth year in partnering with Fairy Tales’ Youth Queer Media Program! Starting in 2011 as the Youth Anti-Homophobia PSA Program, it was inspired in part by the internationally acclaimed, It Gets Better Project, launched in response to the epidemic of Queer youth suicides in North America. Dan Savage, founder of It Gets Better, attended the 2011 Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival in honor of PSA Program youth. Every year, participants attended the 3-month program, working with mentors who taught workshops on storyboarding to post-production. They also had a chance to utilize all our equipment and facilities to create a short film to be screened at the Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival.

This year’s Youth Queer Media Program participants have explored the themes of isolation, coming of age, gender bending, and first loves. The short films created tackle issues from everyday life: queer identity in a contemporary world, facing challenges, and overcoming obstacles. Fairy Tales is proud to present the world premieres at the festival with a Q&A session with the filmmakers after the film. A celebration gala will follow at the Naked Leaf Tea Shop.

    Screening Program:

Metamorphosis by Christina Kohari | 8:37 min.
Dysphoria by Shelby Adams and Marissa Cupples | 11:18 min.
Surfacing by Clayton Weich | 8:41 min.
The Water is Warmest Farthest from the Shore by Nick Kennedy | 6:30 min.
I Wanna Be Your Queer by Anders Bayly | 2:24 min.

    Partners and Supporters:

Thank you to First Calgary Financial and the National Film Board of Canada for their amazing support of the program. We also would like to thank our wonderful workshop instructors and mentors Sandi Somers, Philip Bowen, Kyle Whitehead, Brian Batista, James Demers and Vicki Chau.

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