Friday, November 29, 2013 @ 7-9PM
SHELF LIFE BOOKS – 100, 1302 – 4th Street SW
Editors and writers will be in attendance
Book will be available for purchase for $10

RESONANCE: EMMEDIA Anthology of Critical Texts 2011/2012
Edited by: Diana Sherlock & Rachel Zolf
Featuring essays by: Joel Farris, Wednesday Lupypciw, Sigrid Mahr, Jessica McCarrel, Shelley Ouellet, Mairead Pratschke, and Sandra Vida
Featuring works by: Zac Slams, Bogdan Cheta, Lon Parker, Patricia Piccinini, Wednesday Lupypciw, Kyle Whithead, Pauline Cummins, and Andrea Mann
Cover art by: Derek Beaulieu

EMMEDIA is proud to launch our third anthology of critical texts, Resonance. Please join us to celebrate the work of editors Diana Sherlock and Rachel Zolf, along with the writers and the artists involved, at Shelf Life Books. Be the first to own a copy for just $10! Refreshments will be served.

Resonance: EMMEDIA Anthology of Critical Texts 2011/2012 is the third EMMEDIA anthology of writing about media arts in Calgary. This collection of essays was produced in conjunction with Every Word Counts, an EMMEDIA workshop about critical writing in the visual and media arts held in October 2012. The anthology’s title echoes EMMEDIA’s 2011/2012 thematic program, Resonance, and its contents sound out and magnify Calgary’s local media arts story to contribute to a much larger history. The project furthers EMMEDIA’s mandate to produce, disseminate and develop critical discourse about media arts in Calgary through mentorship and practice. It creates an opportunity for writers to develop their critical voice and to engage in prolonged, critical reflection about media art practices.

The writers worked diligently with us during the collaborative workshop and throughout the subsequent editorial process to develop these texts over a three-month period. The texts in this anthology cover a diverse range of media art works—video, installations and performances about sexuality and gender, subjectivity, technology and the environment—that have been produced, shown or supported by EMMEDIA. Together, these texts reflect a community of interests and share some similarities in character—a DIY ethos, feminist and queer politics and a concern for the other—that reveal some things that lie just below the surface of Calgary’s media art scene.”

- Diana Sherlock & Rachel Zolf

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