EMMEDIA hosts:
In collaboration with M:ST Performative Art Society and Untitled Art Society
Saturday, January 19 @ 7 – 11PM
EMMEDIA Building – 351 11 Ave SW and UAS building – 343 11 Ave SW
Admission is FREE!

1 million and 50 years ago, a sponge was dropped in a bucket of water and with that, Art was born! First acknowledged by Fluxus artist and poet Robert Filliou in 1963, Art’s Birthday has been celebrated by artists the world over, through collaborative and networked based activities that recognize the spirit of permanent creation. In celebration of this momentous occasion, EMMEDIA, in collaboration with M:ST Performative Art Society and Untitled Art Society, would like to invite you to participate in a Fluxus Scavenger Hunt, where you will visit a series of participatory installations that will activate spaces throughout our building, supporting practices that reflect and celebrate the Eternal Network of Permanent Creation. For more information on Art’s Birthday, check out the official Art’s Birthday website at


Facilitated by Joseph Herring (Pensacola, Florida)
EMMEDIA Screening Room @7-11PM

A play on the Kurt Schwitter’s installation, “Merzbau”, “Nerzbau” translates to “weasel hole” or “weasel nest.” The weasels build out their own system of tunnels in a manner similar to Schwit-ter’s practice, but different in that the materials used to build out the tunnels comes from our own culture. The weasels reappropriate the detritus of our visual culture, in an attempt to forge a visual culture of their own. This performance will use live-feeds from several cameras stationed in and around the weasel nest, each feeding into a digital mixer, to mix and broadcast a live performative event built in the artist’s studio. By doing this, Joseph Herring draws a correlation between the wildlife documentation cameras currently stationed in animal habitats around the world, and broadcasted to live-streaming sites.

fluxtop 50
Facilitated by Grant Poier
EMMEDIA Lobby @ 7-11PM

transaction: flux, lux, water and sponge, bingo, footsteps and candles.

Facilitated by Lowell Smith
Suite #203: EMMEDIA office @ 7 – 11PM

Celebrate Art’s Birthday with the entire “Eternal Network”! We will be broadcasting live streams and events throughout the night.

Facilitated by Tomas Jonsson (M:ST Performative Art Society)
Untitled Art Society’s Satellite Gallery Basement @ 8 – 11PM

An international collaboration coordinated by EMMEDIA (Calgary), Mountain Standard Time (S.Alberta), John Grzinich (Estonia) and Alan Clinton (California).

Following on last year’s MUTOPIA 7 workshop in Banff, as part of the M:ST 5.5 series: Making way, MUTOPIA is a process oriented workshop environment that explores collaboration, collective creativity and open forms of authorship.

1. Free-write a text (see suggested topics below)
2. Send your text to someone to “mutate” (cut-up, adjective-noun-verb shuffle, OULIPO N+7 etc.)
3. Live Reading Actions, Remote/Local participation during the Art’s Birthday celebration at the United Arts Society in Calgary, January 19th (7-11pm, MST). Follow on Skype at this time to contribute live!

Text topics:
Alan Clinton has forwarded his text “Unusual Suspects” based on his Mutopia 7 experiences. This has inspired John Grzinich to suggest the following topics:

- scarcity and surplus
- lost cultures
- reconstructed memory
- alienation

…but please write about whatever comes to your mind if that’s what moves you. All are welcome to participate!

EMMEDIA Lobby @ 10PM

A birthday party isn’t a party without CAKE! Sing Happy Birthday with us and blow out the candles to wish Art a happy one million and fifty years! The ceremony starts at 10PM so don’t miss out on a slice!

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