Output-Input 2012

Output – Input: Looking at recent works by artists at EMMEDIA
Saturday, December 8, 2012 @ 3PM
EMMEDIA Screening Room
Screening is FREE
Artists in attendance
In conjunction with EMMEDIA’s XMAS party @ 2-7PM
Click here for more information on the XMAS Party!

EMMEDIA supports and celebrates our members, encouraging exchange and growth while increasing awareness of members activities in our community. From electronic performances to narrative explorations the works in this screening represent the diversity of work that goes on at EMMEDIA and reflects the divergent interests of our membership.


“if we tried to remember what it was like to fly” by Lia Rogers (3:05 min.)
“Distraction of a Stationary Nature” by Shyra De Souza (9:37 min.)
“Transfix” by Aran Wilkinson-Blanc (6:30 min.)
“In the Interim” by Andrea Mann (4:30 min.)
“Sinz of the Parents” by Wednesday Lupypciw (4:50 min.)
“Mr. Brown’s Life in Calgary” by Peter Curtis Morgan (2:38 min.)
“Extreme-Digital Ironing” by Lowell Smith (0:90 min.)
“ABOUT FAILURE” by John Will (9:30 min.)
“Sit Down” by Justin Waddell (3:45 min.)
“THREE” by Tammy McGrath (3:36 min.)
“Ride” by Jim Goertz (5:44 min.)

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