Resonance Compression Camp 2012

Screening of Compression Camp Videos on June 9, 2012 @ 4:00PM (after EMMEDIA’s AGM) in EMMEDIA’s screening room

A second screening will happen in September 2012 (Date and Location TBA)

Since 2002, EMMEDIA Compression Camps offers local artists and members of the public; technical and conceptual support needed to translate ideas and concepts, related to a chosen theme, into short video and/or audio works. Compression Camp is inspired by the immediacy of digital media, and sets out to approximate television news networks in their ability to report on events the same day they occur.

Participants were encouraged to complete a short video and/or audio work within two days and had free access to our production equipment and post-production facilities. They also had free access to the creative mentors Rita McKeough and Joe Kelly, who are senior/established media artists in the local community to provide critical feedback and inspiration along the way. The mentors will had technical expertise on production and post-production, making this program accessible for the participants to create their work in a very short time span, without technical skills hindering the process.

In 2012, we are focusing on our programming theme “Resonance”. This year, we specifically invited senior/established artists and cultural workers that have made Calgary their home, and have continually contributed over the years to the diverse arts and culture community. This is an opportunity to capture their stories in the works they produced, acknowledging the history and legacy of Calgary’s art and culture community. Works completed are compressed and uploaded for on-line web streaming/hosting at, and will be screened after EMMEDIA’s Annual General Meeting on June 9, 2012 at 4:00PM. The final program will also be showcased during EMMEDIA’s Media Arts Festival in September 2012 (date and location TBA).

Compression Camp participants:

Dick Averns
Richard Brown
Jim Goertz
Aurora Landin
Tammy McGrath
Sandi Somers
Justin Waddell
John Will

About the facilitators:

Rita McKeough

Rita McKeough is a multimedia installation and performance artist who has taught and exhibited throughout Canada since the late 1970s. Her experience as a radio station disc jockey and drummer for bands like The Confidence Band, Demi Monde, The Permuters, led to her introduction of sound elements in her elaborate installations and later to the development of electronic and mechanical objects in interactive environments. Although she resists a didactic mode of political address, McKeough works from a feminist perspective on various social issues. For the multimedia performance installation Outskirts (2003), McKeough dressed in motorcycle gear and for seventeen days was dragged by a vehicle across the gallery space of the Owens Art Gallery (Sackville, N.B.), where it slammed into walls and divided urban and rural sections in a poignant commentary on the race against suburban sprawl. Like in many of her previous works, McKeough worked with a team of musicians and technicians to produce an elaborate multi-part installation that deals with the relation of the body to architectural spaces and social planning. Her work has been featured in Radio Rethink: Essays on Art, Sound and Transmission (Banff Centre for the Arts, 1993) and Caught in the Act: Canadian Women in Performance (YYZ Books, 2004). (ML)

- From Interview with Rita McKeough in the text Performance, [Performance] and Performers, (Vol. 1), Conversations by Bruce Barber, Edited by Marc James Leger, Published by YYZ Books

Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is a Newfoundland born media artist working in Calgary. Joe has made a number of films that have been screened and awarded internationally.  He works primarily with film and video, and has completed and screened many films on super 8, 16 and 35mm formats.  He has also created film and video-based installations that have been shown in art galleries around Canada. Joe has shown work all across North America from Halifax to Victoria and all over the United States and in Europe and Asia. Joe has shown film work at the Images Festival, the Black Maria, PS1 and Ann Arbor.  Installations at Truck Gallery, The New Gallery, The Confederation Centre, The Banff Centre, The Dunlop, The Rooms, University of Lethbridge Art Gallery, Neutral Ground, Harbourfront Centre. Performances at the High Performance Rodeo, Mountain Standard Time, GIRAF Animation Festival, Concordia University and The Cleveland Institute of Art.  Was Artist in Residence at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and a couple of stints at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

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