EManimenteur – Sandra Vida

Farewell from the EManimenteur!

“It’s been a great six months that have really flown by, and now it’s time to say goodbye as the EMAnimenteur. It’s been fascinating to see work develop under my eyes, to see EM humming along like a well-oiled machine, and to engage in intense discussions of art, life, and politics. During my tenure as Animenteur, I’ve enjoyed a deeper understanding of EMMEDIA, its artist-members, board, staff and committees. I appreciate the role that EM has played in my own work over the years, it’s been good to have a chance to give back to this community in my role as Animenteur.

I have one more official day at EM, so any last-minute appointments will have to be on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1 between 10 AM and 5 PM.

Best wishes to all and good luck with your work in media arts!”

- Sandra Vida

Or feel free to book another time that might be more convenient by contacting me at sandra@emmedia.ca.”

- Sandra Vida

About the role of EManimenteur:

The EManimenteur is an in-house contract residency, that interacts with staff, members, and artist-producers working on site. The role is a nurturing and inspiring one, where the resident offers critical analysis and improvement. This will also aid in increasing the critical feedback and support offered in our Production Access Programs, which support the creation of new works. The project also offers the Board and management insights into better achieving EMMEDIA’s mandate, whether in terms of visioning, or more practical suggestions regarding operations, programming and production activity.

About Sandra Vida:

For more than three decades, Sandra Vida has maintained a prolific visual art practice, as well as playing an active role in the development of Calgary’s vibrant art scene. Vida’s art production has covered a wide range of media, and she is known for her innovative explorations in performance, film, video and installation. She was an early pioneer in the use of the colour photocopier to produce art works, and continues to discover novel combinations of media. Vida has been nominated twice for a Governor-General’s visual and media arts award, received the EPCOR Established Arts award at the Mayor’s Luncheon for Business and the Arts, and was one of three finalists for Alberta’s first Marion Nicoll Visual Art award.

How to book an EManimenteur appointment:

EMMEDIA members are encouraged to get in touch with Sandra to develop conceptual and critical aspects of their practice, either through studio visits or project consultations. Her office hours are mostly Thursdays from 10AM – 5PM at EMMEDIA, although other times for meetings may be requested. Please contact Sandra Vida at sandra@emmedia.ca to make arrangements to meet with her. Sandra will be with EMMEDIA till the end of October, so feel free to visit again and again!

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