In collaboration with M:ST Performative Art Society and Untitled Art Society
January 14 @ 7 – 11PM
EMMEDIA Building – 351 11 Ave SW and UAS building – 343 11 Ave SW
Admission is FREE!

1 million and 49 years ago, a sponge was dropped in a bucket of water and with that, Art was born! First acknowledged by Fluxus artist and poet Robert Filliou in 1963, Art’s Birthday has been celebrated by artists the world over, through collaborative and networked based activities that recognize the spirit of permanent creation. In celebration of this momentous occasion, EMMEDIA, in collaboration with M:ST Performative Art Society and Untitled Art Society, would like to invite you to participate in a series of generative and participatory installations that will activate spaces throughout our shared building, supporting practices that reflect and celebrate the Eternal Network of Permanent Creation. For more information on Art’s Birthday, check out the official Art’s Birthday website at


Facilitated by Lia Rogers
Suite #203: EMMEDIA office (Competition will be located outside by the front entrance of the building at 10PM)

Let’s get ready to rrrrrumblllle!

We will be performing Milan Knizak’s Fluxus score Confrontation No. 1 (1965): “Each participant wearing a paper cap tries to knock off, with a wood or toy sword, the cap of another while defending himself with own sword against the attempts of opponents.” Participants in the Dorkbot Confrontation 2012 will be encouraged to make a hat out of paper and decorate it. Anyone who makes a hat will be pitted against one another to knock their opponent’s hat off with a foam sword. The victor of the single elimination tournament will receive accolades and be awarded the Art’s Birthday cup!

Facilitated by M.E.D.I.U.M.
Presented by M:ST Performative Art Society
Suite #202: Fairytales office

M.E.D.I.U.M. is a Lethbridge-based trio interested in metaphysical explorations, divination, and investigations utilizing magic. Frater Tham, Madame Symona, and Char Latan offer a broad range of services to the psychically needy, including — but not limited to — fortune telling, dream interpretation, séances, sin eating, and country-western prophecies. M.E.D.I.U.M. often invites other talented clairvoyant and/or esoteric individuals to accompany them in public performances.

Facilitated by Joel Farris
Suite #203 : EMMEDIA office

EMMEDIA supports independent publications and individual voice with our monthly zine nights. We have a photocopier and laser printer begging to spit out tons of independently published work. Join our monthly ZINE making nights at EMMEDIA! Come out and make your own self-published magazine. Bring your favorite pen and any special supplies you may want to use, but most importantly just bring yourself! EMMEDIA provides computers for the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. A scanner is available and we will show you how to make a .pdf of your zine to load and distribute online.

Facilitated by Noel Begin
Quickdraw Animation Society (Projection will be in the parking lot at 10:30PM)

Participants will have a chance to perform in front of a camera, which will project onto the wall of the Untitled Art Society building in the parking lot at 10:30PM! Everyone is encouraged to step into the booth and show their love and birthday wishes for Art!

Edited by Jennifer McVeigh

Essays written by: Kay Burns, Vicki Chau, Bodgan Cheta, Shawn Dicey, Tomas Jonsson, Simone Keiran, Vanessa McLachlan, Mohammad Rezaei, and Lia Rogers.

We will be launching our publication GRAIN: EMMEDIA Anthology of Critical Texts 2010/2011, which includes essays reflecting on our programming theme last year, GRAIN. This is your chance to be the first to purchase a copy of this book for only $15! Editor Jennifer McVeigh and writers will be in attendance.

Presented by Untitled Art Society
Curated by Sally Raab
Untitled Art Society Satellite Gallery – 343 11th Ave SW (building across the parking lot from EMMEDIA)

Featuring works by: Caitlind Brown, Bogdan Cheta, Anna Desramaux, Megan Dyck, Graham Krenz, Nate McLeod, Chelsa Mossing, FarLee Mowat, Cassandra Paul, Lane Shordee, Sarah van Sloten, Alison Stalker, Mitch Tukkimaki.

Bump/Shift is an exhibition rooted in the idea of change; flux, movement and impermanence. Artists are often bound to the impermanence of the spaces in which they occupy. The artists in this exhibition demonstrate their own ideas of what installation actually is, how permanent it can be, and what part of the mind is engaged by it. The reception will include birthday hat making in the spirit of Art’s Birthday!

Facilitated by Joshua Fraser, Carl Spencer and Kyle Whitehead
EMMEDIA Screening Room

“When you make, it is art, when you finish, it is non-art, when you exhibit, it is anti-art.”
- Robert Filliou

Hypothesis: Creating a drop-in intermedia experimentation silo, encouraging artistic creation by a process of free association removed from the imposition of expected results or goals, the activities in the laboratory will prove that a shared interaction with technology will cause or bring about as a consequence a gradual synchronicity within the realms of analogous circadian rhythms.

Materials: Analog tube video cameras, VTR’s and video mixing and projection equipment, mountains of CRT monitors, 70’s era 16mm and 8mm projectors, film, Lo-Fi and DIY sound/noise makers, synthesizers and musical instruments, light-organs, various circuitry and ancillary technological devices.

Methods: Engaging in a preposterous attempt to turn back the pages of history, laboratory technicians Joshua Fraser, Carl Spencer and Kyle Whitehead will explore and facilitate participant’s exploration of a future archeology. Encouraging the creative remediation of ostensibly obsolete technologies and processes and embracing a synaesthetic synthesis of opposites, which are simultaneously perceived by combining different and often contradictory beliefs or melding practices and various schools of thought.

Inference/Results: To ask nonsensical questions and arrive at nonsensical answers amounting to a cultural contribution so small as to be laughable.

For more information, please contact Vicki Chau, Programs & Outreach Coordinator at 403.263.2833 or

Please click the thumbnails below to see the photos!
All photos were taken by Aran Wilkinson-Blanc

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