BIN 15 + Woodshedding in the Bin

BIN 15
Presented by EMMEDIA and the Calgary Folk Music Festival
Prince’s Island Park
July 21 – 24, 2011

Thursday, July 21 @ 4:30PM – 7:00PM
Friday, July 22 @ 2:00PM – 7:00PM
Saturday, July 23 @11:00AM – 7:00PM
Sunday, July 24 @ 11:00AM – 7:00PM

About Bin 15:

Bin 15 is an interactive installation and audio performance work by multi-media artist Mark Lowe, recording percussive sounds and natural reverberations within a modified grain bin. The sounds captured are informed by an industrious and agricultural way of life, the sounds of the prairie wheat belt, harkening back to a former way of life for some and a disappearing one for others. The performance and audio is a sort of swan song for this way of rural life that is being replaced by technologically advanced mechanisms and corporate ownership. Mark Lowe’s multidisciplinary art practice reflects his rural roots in the form of installation, performance, video, audio art, sculpture and photography. Focusing on the urban-rural dichotomy and his personal duality of city slicker vs. country hick, Lowe brings Bin 15 to the Calgary Folk Music Festival, showcasing conceptual audio works that reflect the sounds of a bygone era of family owned industry.Watch Lowe, with collaborators Steve Leidal and Brodie Mohninger, perform 40-minute sets of audio works inside the bin using the structure itself, farming implements and musical instruments everyday at 5:30PM. Want to try it yourself? Create your own musique concrete during our open hours.

To see Bin 15 presented at the M:ST Festival last year click here.

Artist Bios:

Mark Lowe is a multi-disciplinary artist currently living in Saskatchewan. His works range from interactive installations, sound, video, to photography. Drawing from his experience of farm life, as well as city dwelling, Mark’s current works reinterpret agricultural, industrial, and historical materials and sounds from his surroundings in a sonic and tactile manner to form a sensory representation of a way of life that you can’t get from a prairie landscape painting. Mark Lowe was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and graduated from the Alberta College of Art & Design. For the last few years he has been active in performance audio, rock bands, recording, hosting workshops, building electronics, and farming in Saskatchewan. This fall he will be moving to Montreal to undertake his MFA at Concordia University.

Steve Leidal is an Alberta born, Saskatchewan raised percussionist. Life between the two provinces has provided Steve not only with a love of fine barbeque, but also a firm work ethic. Aside from working with the Bin 15 project, Steve is currently studying percussion at the University of Regina, as well as recording and touring with Saskatchewan based acts The Rusty Augers and Brain Sauce. As a performer, Steve displays a technical intensity and consistency rooted in heavy metal drumming, while emphasising the dynamic sensitivity and formal awareness gained through his training as an orchestral percussionist.

Brodie Mohninger is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He fell in love with the guitar at 15 years old, but began his musical life as a concert band saxophonist and later branched into many other forms of expression. He has been performing and recording for over 10 years, playing with a multitude of groups with styles ranging from contemporary to avant garde. He has contributed his talents to musicals and studio recording, as well as independent groups such as his own project, Brain Sauce, from Moose Jaw. He has recorded a full length album with the group at Jawbone Studios and is currently recording a follow up to be released later this year. Bin 15 is a project which Mohninger colloborated with the creator Mark Lowe at Moose Jaw’s Park Art in 2009. It is a different venture entirely from his regular sound and explores a more intuitive side, drawing from obscure influences that are often not musical, but figurative. Other credits include; Tex Emery (guitar); Steve Palmer (bass; mandolin); Megan Nash (guitar); Josh Carley (guitar) Friend Friend (drums); Magnetar (guitar); White Boy Slim (drums) Mr. Duhb (vocals; synth), Snake Charmer (sound and distractions) and the Jazz Vultures (guitar).


“Woodshedding in the Bin” are fun jamming sessions featuring local artists and musicians, utilizing the Bin 15. Starting everyday from Friday at 2-3PM, we will feature something different, whether it is an impromptu musical performance or trying out some experimental noise, we’re not afraid to be overheard.

Artist bios:

Joshua Fraser is a Calgary-based interdisciplinary artist specializing in sound and performance.

Protagonist/Antagonist (aka. Larry McDowell) performs improvisations of droning horror and ominous doom, drawing concepts of space, time, chaos and cosmos into an atonal psychedelia of sequenced patterns, hissing patch cables, bit-crushing feedback, distorted percussive echos and ambient delay. Performing solo and collaboratively at numerous DISCORD and BUG INCISION shows from 2007 – present, Larry McDowell is a performance and installation artist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. See also:

Peter Redecopp is a media artist and experimental musician. He has presented his work across Canada, and currently divides his time between Montreal and Calgary.

Chris Dadge is a multi-instrumentalist who lives in Calgary. Since 2005, he has operated Bug Incision, a monthly concert series and record label, dedicated to presenting fringe music such as free improvisation, out-jazz, noise, electro-acoustic approaches, and outsider takes on pop and rock modes. As a percussionist (and occasional violinist), he has worked extensively in the realm of free improvising, focusing on extended techniques and non-traditional instrumentation, and has formed a variety of groups to help support this vision. Fixed units such as Bent Spoon Duo, Midnighties, Aaron Leaney/Chris Dadge duo, and Raw Kites sit alongside many, many solos, one-offs, and collaborations. Dadge has released around 20 recordings of his work in this field, both on the Bug Incision imprint, and through various other like-minded labels around the world. He has recorded and performed with Eric Chenaux, Mats Gustafsson, Peter Evans, Gordon Allen, Eugene Chadbourne, and Chad van Gaalen. Dadge also co-leads Lab Coast, a song-oriented band, and plays with Samantha Savage Smith, Sandy Cassels, and Extra Happy Ghost.

Adam Tindale is an electronic drummer and digital instrument designer. He is a Permanent Instructor of Interaction Design in the Media Arts and Digital Technologies department at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Adam performs on his EDrumset: a new electronic instrument that utilizes physical modeling and machine learning with an intuitive physical interface. He completed a Bachelor of Music at Queen’s University, a Masters of Music Technology at McGill University, and an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Music, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of Victoria.


Thursday, July 21
“BIN 15” Performance: 5:30PM

Friday, July 22
“Woodshedding in the Bin” with Discord Collective (Joshua Fraser, Larry McDowell, and Peter Redecopp): 2:00 – 3:00PM
“BIN 15” Performance: 5:30PM

Saturday, July 23

“Woodshedding in the Bin” with Chris Dadge: 2:00 – 3:00PM
“BIN 15” Performance: 5:30PM

Sunday, July 24

“Woodshedding in the Bin” with Adam Tindale: 2:00 – 3:00PM
“BIN 15” Performance: 5:30PM

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