CANOLA OIL – Compression Camp

CANOLA OIL: Compression Camp
An Open Access Intensive Production Camp!
May 9 – 14, 2011
5 – 10PM

We are accepting proposals up to one day before starting project to ensure equipment and facility availability. Please see below for more information.

A tradition since 2002, EMMEDIA Compression Camps offer EMMEDIA’s members and local media artists the technical and conceptual support needed to translate ideas and concepts, related to a chosen theme, into short media artworks. Works can be experimental, performative, dramatic, reportage, documentary, etc., in any mediated form, from short video or audio pieces to Flash driven web works. The spirit of Compression Camp is derived from the immediacy of digital media, and sets out to approximate television news networks in their ability to report on events the same day they occur. Participants are encouraged to complete production and post-production as rapidly as possible in that spirit. Works completed during a Compression Camp will be compressed and uploaded for on-line web streaming/hosting at EMMEDIA provides creative and technical assistance and support, free of charge for all Compression Camp projects in exchange for permission to host works online.

This year’s theme is Canola Oil. The term Canola ties Compression Camp to our region and to EMMEDIA’s current programming theme – Grain. Oil is the important thematic element, especially in how it’s control is affecting our lives so intensely of late, from wars and terrorism, to large-scale accidents with serious impact on our surroundings, and to how completely our “lifestyles” depend on Oil’s by-products. Oil, in a sense, is the very absence of grain, but the products it makes possible break down into a microscopic granularity that clouds the oceans as a kind of synthetic and indigestible plankton. We are interested in contributing to the global dialogue on how to responsibly manage this most amazing and problematic resource by assisting our community in mediating their perspectives on Oil and how we live with it.

To participate:

- Propose a short video project that addresses the theme of “CANOLA OIL”, which is a cross-pollination of this year’s EMMEDIA thematic, “GRAIN”, and the upcoming program, “OIL” curated by Daniel Dugas.

- Your proposal should provide a brief summary of your project, its connection with the theme, and demonstrate that it can be completed in a day or two.

- Provide a list of equipment and/or software that you will need so we can make sure it is booked for you. Please see our equipment list on our website for more details.

- There is no stipulation on how you produce your project, as long as it conforms to the list of conditions below, which is mainly to say that it is your own. Feel free to include pre-recorded material that you are hoping to edit during the camp.

- All works produced during Compression Camp are encouraged to submit to “OIL”, which will be screening on July 12, 2011. Visit for further thematic context and details on submitting to “OIL”.

Participants retain full creative control of their work, however, EMMEDIA retains the right to reject proposals or projects that are discriminatory, pornographic, or infringe copyright. We will also reject proposals or projects that cannot be completed in a very short period of time. Participants retain copyright and distribution options. Participants agree to wave screening fees or equivalent in exchange for participation in Compression Camp, including free access to equipment and support. EMMEDIA reserves the right to post completed projects on its website and on for streaming and archiving, or include them in compilations, public screening events, or for in-house promotional and educational purposes. IMAA screening fees will be paid for presentation other than in the above-mentioned conditions.

Submit proposals to:
EMMEDIA Gallery & Production Society
#203, 351- 11 Ave. SW
Calgary, AB T2R 0C7


For more information, please contact:
Vicki Chau
Programs & Outreach Coordinator

To view previous completed works during Compression Camp, visit:

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