A screening of members’ recent short film and video projects
Presented in partnership by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, EMMEDIA, and PAVED Arts
Screening: Thursday, April 28, 2011 @ 7PM
Location: EMMEDIA Screening Room (Playing at PAVED Arts in Saskatoon)

Red Rover is a screening of members’ recent short film and video projects from the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative, EMMEDIA, and PAVED Arts. Each centre gets approx. 25 minutes of screening time to showcase works that represent each centre.

The Red Rover screening will be staged simultaneously at EMMEDIA in Calgary and co-presented by the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative and PAVED Arts in Saskatoon. During and between the screenings, audience members are encouraged to join in on an online Skype discussion with the two cities, to discuss the works presented and learn more about each centre.

In addition to the respective memberships, the Red Rover presentation will coincide with the IMAA regional conference in Saskatoon, and all delegates from the 19 different media centres attending will be invited guests.

EMMEDIA’s screening program:

“The Head” by Aran Wilkinson-Blanc (5:40 min)
“Untitled (for June)” by Joshua Fraser (7:14 min)
“WITCH” by Micheal Welchman (6:39 min)
“Coffee” by Noel Begin (3:54 min)
“with you in mind” by Stefanie Wong (4:21 min)

PAVED Art’s screening program:

“The Auteur Thing” by Callen Diederichs (1:47 min)
“Dead Meat” by Clark Ferguson (10:33 min)
“Scenes From A Secret World” by Amalie Atkins (8:00 min)
“Built Up” by Sarah Oneschuk (1:37 min)
“Hands Down” by Joel Carignan (1:36 min)
“One Mushroom Too Many” by Andrei Feheregyhazi (2:43 min)
“Bike Ballet” by Paul Atkins (2:56 min)

Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative’s screening program:

“Veronique A Velo” by Chrystene Ells & berny hi (10 min)
“I Have a Secret” by Barbara Meneley (1 min)
“Hypnography” by Daniel Suchoboki (3 min)
“This Museum Called Home” by Regena Marler (8 min)
“Sign Off” by Brett Bell (2 min)

For further information, please contact:

Vicki Chau
Programs & Outreach Coordinator, EMMEDIA

Tricia Martin
Program Coordinator, Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative

David LaRiviere
Artistic Director, PAVED Arts
306.652.5502 ext. 1

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