Squeeeeque! AKA the improbable igloo

July 22-25 2010
Alexis O’Hara (Montreal)
Calgary Folk Music Festival

Presented as part of the Calgary Folk Music Festival, Alexis O’Hara’s installation offers an opportunity for experimental folk dissonance.

Installed outdoors in a park setting, the amplified inward – facing speaker cabinets, assembled in the shape of a dome. The structure gains integrity as it is built higher, the pressure from the surrounding speakers offers structural sustainability. Viewed from outside, it is a free-standing, brown dome set in the landscape of the borderless, interdisciplinary artworld. Inside, it is a squat with a wicked, yet recycled, sound system that one can play using microphones. Gathering over 100 castoff audio speakers -generously donated by the local community- into the shape of an igloo, O’Hara is radicalizing her practice by intuitively revisiting one of the most universal of architectural forms: the dome. An important function of the project is to stimulate spontaneous collaborative sound making. It is a terrain for improvised performance. Feedback is not a problem or a priority but, rather, an interesting subject.

This is the third incarnation of Squeeque, following installations in Montreal and Berlin – which was subsequently mounted in Maubeuge, Creteil and Lille (France). A fourth incarnation will be built in September in the Hague (Netherlands).

Alexis O’Hara is a transdisciplinary artist whose work comprises elements of cabaret, pop music, spoken-word, stand-up comedy, vocal and electronic music and, more recently, photography and sound installation. The eclecticism of her work attracts international programmers from various disciplines. She has presented work in Scotland, Austria, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Ireland, Slovenia, Australia, the U.S. and across Canada. She lives and works in Montreal.

Check out the article in Calgary’s FFWD (Fast Forward Weekly):

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