June 19- July 2, 2010
Kika Thorne (Toronto), Dick Averns (Calgary), Jonathan Culp (Toronto), Jason Jones (New York)
Presented by The Near North Mobile Media Lab Collective (Huntsville, Ontario)

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In partnership with the Near North Mobile Media Lab Collective, EMMEDIA presents a free online screening of the AGITPROP10: G8 Summit Artists Residency Online Exhibition. This residency is organized by The Near North Mobile Media Lab Collective in Huntsville, Ontario.

Videos will be available for viewing at the EMMEDIA Resource Centre June 19 – July 2, 11 – 5 or by appointment.

As the closest media access centre to the conference, the Near North Mobile Media Lab Collective developed an “artistic” presence at the site of the conference and in nearby
North Bay where security forces for the event will be assembling and staying. The G8 Residency Project involves the Media Lab moving to a site adjacent to the Deerhust facility, obtaining press passes for the residing artists and commissioning four media artworks arising from the events of the G8 summit. The Media Lab will also be transforming itself into a broadband media uplink site for the residing artists and foractivist documentarists who are unofficially attending the summit.

The objective of the project is to create an artists residency at the G8 summit in Huntsville that will focus media and government attention upon contemporary media arts and on the political issues that are of interest to contemporary media artists.

This project will give residents and outsiders a broadcast voice for the event and will result in the creation of multiple media artworks. The four invited artists will stay at the site and create a work, or show paintings, or do performances or simply interact with the G8 attendees.


Kika Thorne (Toronto) has been an activist video artist for over a decade and has proven to be fearless in her search for truth in art. She is now creating paintings that directly address issues of globalization and global conflicts. Kika wants to create an outdoor exhibition at the site and allow the art to create dialogue between G8 participants and local residents.

Dick Averns (Calgary) is well known across the country for his political performances and for his work with isolated communities (especially the military community). He will be photographing the G8 site and documenting as well as creating a new performance piece while at the trailer.

Jonathan Culp (Toronto) is a Toronto film and video artist who travels the country as the notorious Satan McNuggitt. His new style of documentary is humourous and fearless, absolutely truthful and yet silly. It is a subjective voice creating art from the tools of documentary film making.

Jason Jones (New York) is the choice of our partner gallery for this project in New York city. According to Not an Alternative Arts Collective curator, Winnie Fung, Jones is an “activist artist” who actually follows these summits around the world gathering information for his art and trying to understand the process of global government. Jason has just completed a project for the Tate Modern in London.

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