The Yes Men Fix the World

The Arusha Centre + EMMEDIA present:
A Political Documentary Screening
Including a talk with Xstine Cook and Grant Poier

The Plaza Theatre
1133 Kensington Rd. NW

Tickets: $15.00 at the door

doors open at 6:30 pm, showtime at 7:00 pm

The Yes Men, Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, enjoy posing as top executives of corporations they hate. Armed with nothing but thrift-store suits, the Yes Men lie their way into business conferences and parody their corporate targets in ever more extreme ways – doing everything that they can to wake up their audiences to the danger of letting greed run our world.

In the political documentary, “The Yes Men Fix The World”, we join the Yes Men as they attend conference after conference, taking on some of the world’s biggest and baddest corporations. Attending the Gas and Oil (GO-EXPO) conference in Calgary as Exxon, Andy and Mike demonstrate a new biofuel made from climate-change victims. It’s a riot – one of several in the film – to see the unsuspecting audience learn that the lit candles they hold are made out of dead people. For more information, go to

The evening will feature a personalized video message from Andy and Mike, sent from NYC to YYC, and a talk about recent local art interventions with artists Xstine Cook and Grant Poier. There will also be an Activist message board provided by Arusha, to share information about your upcoming activist events.

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