New Maps of Time

New Maps of Time
Workshop and performance by John Grzinich

April 18 – 22 @ 3-6PM
Workshop is FREE

‘New Maps of Time’ is a project and workshop about mapping spaces (architectural and natural) by using sound as a means to express actions within a space.

The workshop involves spending a few days in and around the city, mapping various locations and spaces through sound and developing sonic interventions using simple objects (glass jars, plates, wires, found objects, etc…). The actions will involve generating acoustic sounds and patterns from the objects we have and/or find in the space as a way of activating each location. Working together as participants we will explore the balance between gestures and movements to create sounds and the intelligibility by which we communicate through sounds. This balance can also be seen as exploring the territory between passive listening and active engagement between ourselves and the surrounding location.

Each intervention at the visited locations will be “framed” by our inspirations and how we guide our actions by a simple set of rules or constraints (time, dynamics, movement, materials etc…). Each intervention will also be documented via sound and video recordings to be compiled as “sketches” and shared for future reference.

A selection of the recordings will be made and edited for potential use in a final performance lecture on April 22nd in the EMMEDIA Screening Room. The sound recordings will also be uploaded to the Internet on Radio Aporee Maps, which gives an overview from aerial satellite maps of the different locations.

Info and examples about the work of John Grzinich can be found at:

To register for this free workshop, please contact Tomas Jonsson at:
403 263 2833

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