Instant Places: Workshop

Instant Places: Workshop
Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh

May 6-7, 2010
6 – 9 PM
EMMEDIA Screening Room

This workshop is aimed at visual artists, musicians, spoken word artists, film/video makers, dancer/choreographers— anyone interested in exploring real-time transformation of sounds, images, and movement for performance or installation work, or as a way to generate material for audio/video compositions. The workshop is open to skill levels from beginner to advanced. MAX/MSP is a software program that allows the user to make custom tools for sound and image manipulation. These tools or “patches” run in real time on laptops (Mac or Windows), and are suited to live performances and installation works in which audio and video events are generated in real time. MAX/MSP (for audio) and its companion Jitter (video) supply LEGO-like “boxes” that control sections of a patch. The user connects these boxes or “objects” to create a software tool built for a specific transformation task. The workshop employs hands-on experience with generating audio and video in real time, including improvising sound for video and video for sound.

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