An Installation by Lydia Karpenko

Part of the EMMEDIA Production Access Program 2009

September 23 -30, 2009
Opening night on Friday, September 25 @ 7PM
EMMEDIA/QAS Screening Room

Project Description:

In this installation, Lydia Karpenko draws parallels between her various places of residence and their intrinsic relationships to each other. Through the use of ethereal, nomadic cube structures and subjective imagery, the artist explores ideas of displacement and cultural assimilation. Home transforms from a solid four-walled structure into a poetic, ephemeral state that is both a feeling and memory.

The installation includes three simultaneous video projections on three suspended soft cubes. The non-linear arrangement of video clips and animated elements cycle through the projections. An atmospheric, almost inaudible soundtrack enhances the overall mood of the piece. The audience is encouraged to interact with the work by walking around the space and getting inside the 1.5 meter-wide fabric structures.

Artist Bio:

Lydia Karpenko is Ukrainian-born, Calgary-based interdisciplinary artist. Her work includes various forms of interactive installation, video, and fibre art, exploring the juxtaposition of digital media and handcrafted objects. Working with a combination of traditional textile techniques and new media, she examines how personal narrative structures can shape cultural self-identity.

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