Arts Birthday

In collaboration with Quickdraw Animation Society + Beatroute Magazine

Saturday, January 16, 2010 @ 6PM – 12AM
Throughout the building 351- 11 Ave SW
Admission is FREE


1 million and 47 years ago, a sponge was dropped in a bucket of water and with that, Art was born! First acknowledged by Fluxus artist and poet Robert Filliou in 1963, Art’s Birthday has been celebrated by artists the world over, through collaborative and networked based activities that recognize the spirit of permanent creation. On the eve of this momentous occasion, EMMEDIA, in collaboration with Quickdraw Animation Society and Beatroute Magazine, would like to invite you to participate in an all night Media Art CRASH! A series of generative and participatory installations will activate spaces throughout our shared building, supporting practices that reflect and celebrate the Eternal Network of Permanent Creation. For more information, check out


DORKBOT PRESENTS: A “Throwie” Making and Performance Workshop
Facilitated by Lia Rogers

“Throwies” are self-powered, self contained magnetic LEDs. Once approximately 250 are made, participants will perform the Fluxus script “Audience Eve” by Henning Christiansen.

By Scott Rogers

With performances by Shon Anderson, Noel Begin, Christian Bok, John Frosst and his Mantisphone, Laura Leif, Larry MacDowell, CAT! (Ryan Scott/Aaron Sereda), Gasoline Rainbow (Wayne Garrett) and Sleepy Panther (Rita McKeough and Richard Brown)

Incantation is a light and audio installation that creates temporary performance events in specific architectural spaces throughout the city of Calgary. Somewhere between open mic, karaoke, speakers corner, and a rave, the piece engages overlooked spaces to literally communicate through and with our existing built environment.

Facilitated by Micheal Welchman

Participants are encouraged to produce self published print and
digital media zines. Paper, collage and drawing supplies will be provided in order to produce print based media in conjunction with both still frame video stands and hand held cameras in order to produce short “Video Zines” published to the web through a blogsite.

Facilitated by Josh Fraser

Discord is excited to facilitate an open noise music jam, featuring an assortment of electronic and traditional instruments to be used improperly. Those who have never played an instrument are encouraged to come out and start! Discord is part of the 403 Noise collective, and runs a monthly concert series featuring local and touring acts. Discord is Calgary’s only stable forum for its growing Harsh Noise scene.

By Robyn Moody

A high-tech harp, whose “strings” are laser beams which appear as 24 lines of red light running from one end of the long, narrow space to the other. Parallel to the laser beams, are rows of small speakers, each emitting a sound when the corresponding laser beam is “plucked” or “strummed”. The beams can be played as a harp, but in this case the tones produced are phonemes – the building blocks of language.

Facilitated by Quickdraw Animation Society

Pika-Pika is a stop-motion animation technique combining long exposure photography and flashlights for participants to “light-paint” each frame. Come celebrate creativity with this interactive, glow-in-the-dark, animation station.

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